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    Lectionary Calendar    


The Revised Common Lectionary is a three-year cycle of weekly lections used by our Calvary Luthern Church and other Protestant churches in Canada and the United States. It is built around the seasons of the Church Year which reflect the life of Christ.


Lectionary YearCalendar YearDateSeason/LessonLesson Title
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-202311/27/2022Winter/Lesson 1God Will Bring Peace
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-202312/4/2022Winter/Lesson 2God’s Peaceful World
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-202312/11/2022Winter/Lesson 3John the Baptist
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-202312/18/2022Winter/Lesson 4Angels Visit
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-202312/25/2022Winter/Lesson 5Jesus is Born
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-20231/1/2023Winter/Lesson 6Escape to Egypt
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-20231/6/2023Winter/Lesson 7Jesus the Word
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-20231/8/2023Winter/Lesson 8Jesus' Baptism
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-20231/15/2023Winter/Lesson 9The Lamb of God
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-20231/22/2023Winter/Lesson 10The Disciples
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-20231/29/2023Winter/Lesson 11The Beatitudes
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-20232/5/2023Winter/Lesson 12Salt and Light
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-20232/12/2023Winter/Lesson 13Jesus Teaches about Anger
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-20232/19/2023Winter/Lesson 14The Transfiguration
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-20232/26/2023Spring/Lesson 1The First Sin
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-20233/5/2023Spring/Lesson 2Abram's Call
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-20233/12/2023Spring/Lesson 3Woman at the Well
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-20233/19/2023Spring/Lesson 4Pool of Siloam
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-20233/26/2023Spring/Lesson 5Lazarus
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-20234/2/2023Spring/Lesson 6Holy Week
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-20234/9/2023Spring/Lesson 7The Empty Tomb
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-20234/16/2023Spring/Lesson 8Doubting Thomas
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-20234/23/2023Spring/Lesson 9The Road to Emmaus
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-20234/30/2023Spring/Lesson 10Early Believers
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-20235/7/2023Spring/Lesson 11God's House
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-20235/14/2023Spring/Lesson 12The Promise of the Holy Spirit
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-20235/21/2023Spring/Lesson 13The Ascension
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-20235/28/2023Spring/Lesson 14The Holy Spirit
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-20236/4/2023Spring/Lesson 15Creation
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-20238/20/2023Fall/Lesson 1Joseph Helps His Family
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-20239/24/2023Fall/Lesson 2The Vineyard Workers
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-202310/1/2023Fall/Lesson 3The Chief Priests
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-202310/8/2023Fall/Lesson 4Parable of the Vineyard
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-202310/15/2023Fall/Lesson 5The Wedding Bankquet
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-202310/22/2023Fall/Lesson 6Paying Taxes
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-202310/29/2023Fall/Lesson 7The Greatest Commandment
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-202311/5/2023Fall/Lesson 8Be Humble
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-202311/12/2023Fall/Lesson 9Ten Bridesmaids
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-202311/19/2023Fall/Lesson 10Parable of the Talents
Lectionary Year A Church Calendar2022-202311/26/2023Fall/Lesson 11Sheep and Goats
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-202412/3/2023Winter/Lesson 1Be Ready
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-202412/10/2023Winter/Lesson 2John the Baptist Prepares the Way
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-202412/17/2023Winter/Lesson 3John the Baptist Proclaims Jesus’ Coming
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-202412/24/2023Winter/Lesson 4Angels Visit
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-202412/25/2023Winter/Lesson 5Jesus is Born
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-202412/31/2023Winter/Lesson 6Simeon and Anna
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-20241/7/2024Winter/Lesson 7Jesus the Word
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-20241/7/2024Winter/Lesson 8Jesus' Baptism
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-20241/14/2024Winter/Lesson 9God Calls Samuel
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-20241/21/2024Winter/Lesson 10Jonah and the Big Fish
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-20241/28/2024Winter/Lesson 11Teaching and Healing
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-20242/4/2024Winter/Lesson 12Jesus Heals
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-20242/11/2024Winter/Lesson 13The Transfiguration
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-20242/18/2024Spring/Lesson 1Noah's Ark
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-20242/25/2024Spring/Lesson 2Abraham and Sarah's Visitors
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-20243/3/2024Spring/Lesson 3The Ten Commandments
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-20243/10/2024Spring/Lesson 4The Light of the World
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-20243/17/2024Spring/Lesson 5Serve and Follow
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-20243/24/2024Spring/Lesson 6Holy Week
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-20243/31/2024Spring/Lesson 7The Empty Tomb
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-20244/7/2024Spring/Lesson 8Doubting Thomas
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-20244/14/2024Spring/Lesson 9The Great Commission
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-20244/21/2024Spring/Lesson 10The Good Shepherd
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-20244/28/2024Spring/Lesson 11Philip and the Ethiopian
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-20245/5/2024Spring/Lesson 12The Holy Spirit Comes Down
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-20245/12/2024Spring/Lesson 13Matthias the Apostle
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-20245/19/2024Spring/Lesson 14The Holy Spirit
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-20245/26/2024Spring/Lesson 15Isaiah's Call
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-20249/15/2024Fall/Lesson 1Peter's Faith
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-20249/22/2024Fall/Lesson 2Who Is The Greatest
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-20249/29/2024Fall/Lesson 3Share God's Love
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-202410/6/2024Fall/Lesson 4Adam and Eve
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-202410/13/2024Fall/Lesson 5A Rich Man’s Questions
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-202410/20/2024Fall/Lesson 6James and John
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-202410/27/2024Fall/Lesson 7Bartimaeus Sees
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-202411/3/2024Fall/Lesson 8A Message from God
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-202411/10/2024Fall/Lesson 9The Widow's Offering
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-202411/17/2024Fall/Lesson 10Be Ready
Lectionary Year B Church Calendar2023-202411/24/2024Fall/Lesson 11Christ the King
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-202512/1/2024Winter/Lesson 1A Good Ruler
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-202512/8/2024Winter/Lesson 2Zechariah
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-202512/15/2024Winter/Lesson 3John the Baptist
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-202512/22/2024Winter/Lesson 4Mary Visits Elizabeth
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-202512/25/2024Winter/Lesson 5Jesus is Born
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-202512/29/2024Winter/Lesson 6The Boy at the Temple
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20251/5/2025Winter/Lesson 7Jesus the Word
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20251/6/2025Winter/Lesson 8Wise Men
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20251/12/2025Winter/Lesson 9Jesus' Baptism
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20251/19/2025Winter/Lesson 10Wedding at Cana
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20251/26/2025Winter/Lesson 11Jesus Goes to Nazareth
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20252/2/2025Winter/Lesson 12Jeremiah
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20252/9/2025Winter/Lesson 13The Disciples
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20252/16/2025Winter/Lesson 14The Beatitudes
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20252/23/2025Winter/Lesson 15Joseph Feeds His Family
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20253/2/2025Winter/Lesson 16The Transfiguration
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20253/9/2025Spring/Lesson 1Tempted
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20253/16/2025Spring/Lesson 2God's Promise to Abram
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20253/23/2025Spring/Lesson 3Parable of the Fig Tree
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20253/30/2025Spring/Lesson 4The Prodigal Son
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20254/6/2025Spring/Lesson 5Mary Anoints Jesus
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20254/13/2025Spring/Lesson 6Holy Week
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20254/20/2025Spring/Lesson 7The Empty Tomb
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20254/27/2025Spring/Lesson 8Doubting Thomas
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20255/4/2025Spring/Lesson 9Saul to Paul
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20255/11/2025Spring/Lesson 10Peter and Tabitha
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20255/18/2025Spring/Lesson 11Peter's Dream
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20255/25/2025Spring/Lesson 12Lydia
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20256/1/2025Spring/Lesson 13Paul and Silas
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20256/8/2025Spring/Lesson 14The Holy Spirit
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20256/15/2025Spring/Lesson 15Praise God
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20259/14/2025Fall/Lesson 1The Lost Sheep and Lost Coin
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20259/21/2025Fall/Lesson 2Two Masters
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-20259/28/2025Fall/Lesson 3The Parable of the Rich Man
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-202510/5/2025Fall/Lesson 4A Seed of Faith
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-202510/12/2025Fall/Lesson 5Ten Men Healed
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-202510/19/2025Fall/Lesson 6Jacob Wrestles
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-202510/26/2025Fall/Lesson 7The Pharisee and the Tax Collector
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-202511/2/2025Fall/Lesson 8Zacchaeus
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-202511/9/2025Fall/Lesson 9The Sadducees' Question
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-202511/16/2025Fall/Lesson 10God's Love Is Forever
Lectionary Year C Church Calendar2024-202511/23/2025Fall/Lesson 11The Day Jesus Died


For further reference and reading visit the the Revised Common Lectionary, a service of the Vanderbilt Divinity Library.



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