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10/01/2023The Chief Priests

There are no questions that are too hard or tricky for Jesus to answer.... Jesus answers our questions! In today's lesson some people were trying to trick Jesus with a question. Jesus answered the question by telling a story. Find out how he did it.

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9am - 10am
10/08/2023Parable of the Vineyard

The thief who died on the cross next to Jesus entered paradise where he is enjoying eternal... and everlasting life with Christ just the same as Peter, James, and John, who literally gave their lives in service to the Savior. Is that fair? Find out with the Parable of the Vineyard.

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9am - 10am
10/15/2023The Wedding Bankquet

The parable of the Wedding Bankquet can be challenging to undertand. In this story it's apparent that the chosen people (the Jews) have ignored the call of God.... Therefore, God calls everyone else (the Gentiles) to the party (kingdom of heaven). However, be cautions, not everyone is allowed in.

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9am - 10am
10/22/2023Paying Taxes

In today's story the Pharisees once again try to trick Jesus by asking him if it is right to pay the imperial tax to Caesar or not? The questioners have carefully crafted a question that allows only a yes-or-no answer.... Their purpose in doing so is to limit Jesus' options so that he has no choice but to answer in a way that will compromise him. If Jesus answers that the taxes are lawful, he will alienate the people, who hate the tax and the coin. If he answers that the taxes are not lawful, the Romans will arrest him for sedition. Either way, Jesus loses and his enemies win. See how he responds in today's lesson.

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9am - 10am



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