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  Calvary Breakfast Bunch
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Where young people ages 3 through 7th
Grade meet together every Sunday morning
while learning about God's Word.



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10/02/2022A Seed of Faith

Faith means loving God and trusting God.... The disciples wanted their love for Jesus to grow. Jesus told them not to worry. He said that with God's love they could do great things.

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9am - 10am
10/09/2022Ten Men Healed

The story of Jesus healing the ten lepers contains several important insights. One obvious take-away is the value of gratitude and saying thank you... - both to people and especially to God. This story also includes a message of the mercy of Christ. He healed the stricken men, and even though only one returned to say thank you, He did not punish those who neglected to do so.

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9am - 10am
10/16/2022Jacob Wrestles

This Bible story is an epic story of a man wrestling with his past, his future and God himself...! In Genesis 32 Jacob found himself in a wrestling match late one evening with God, but he refused to let go until God had blessed him. Amazingly God answered his request and gave Jacob a new future and a new name, Israel! How often do you feel you're wrestling with God, or yourself?

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9am - 10am



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