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   09/27/2020 — The Chief Priests   


Fun Fact

High Priest was the title of the chief religious official of Judaism from the early post-Exilic times until the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem in 70 CE. Previously, in the Israelite religion including the time of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, other terms were used to designate the leading priests; however, as long as a king was in place, the supreme ecclesiastical authority lay with him.

The high priests belonged to the Jewish priestly families that trace their paternal line back to Aaron, the first high priest of Israel in the Hebrew Bible and elder brother of Moses, through Zadok, a leading priest at the time of David and Solomon.


   Lesson At‑a‑Glance   
This Lesson's Focus is Jesus answers our questions and It’s not only what we say, but what we do.
  • Read the scripture in Matthew 21:23-32
  • Review the Lesson At-a-Glance.
  • Download some fun materials.


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   Fun Material   


The Chief Priests Coloring Page (Pre-K)
The Chief Priests Activity Page, (Grades 1-2)
The Chief Priests Activity Page, (Grades 3-4)
The Chief Priests Activity Page, (Grades 5-6)
The Chief Priests Family Page




   Fun Videos   


The Parable of the Two Sons (2:04)
In Matthew 21, Jesus presents the parable of the two sons where one tells his father that he will not go work in the vineyard but repents (or "changed his mind") and does go and the other says he will work in his father's vineyard but doesn't.






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