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   10/18/2020 — Paying Taxes   


Fun Fact

The first known taxation took place in Ancient Egypt around 3000–2800 BC. Most countries have a tax system in place to pay for public, common, or agreed national needs and government functions. Some levy a flat percentage rate of taxation on personal annual income, but most scale taxes based on annual income amounts. Most countries charge a tax on an individual's income as well as on corporate income. Countries or subunits often also impose wealth taxes, inheritance taxes, estate taxes, gift taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, payroll taxes or tariffs. In economic terms, taxation transfers wealth from households or businesses to the government.


   Lesson At‑a‑Glance   
This Lesson's Focus is Jesus had something to say about God, government, and giving.
  • Read the scripture in Matthew 22:15-22
  • Review the Lesson At-a-Glance.
  • Download some fun materials.


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   Fun Material   


Paying Taxes Coloring Page (Pre-K)
Paying Taxes Activity Page, (Grades 1-2)
Paying Taxes Activity Page, (Grades 3-4)
Paying Taxes Activity Page, (Grades 5-6)
Paying Taxes Family Page




   Fun Videos   


The Question about Paying Taxes (2:55)
A video clip of the Gospel of Matthew demonstrating how Jesus feels about paying taxes.





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